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Synova S. A.

  • Laser & Water Coupling Unit

설비 장점
Requires precise focus adjustment No focus adjustment required, non-flat surfaces are not an issue,3D cutting possible, variable cutting depth of up to several cm
Conical laser beam leaves non-parallel kerf walls Cylindrical beam results in parallel kerf walls, consistent high quality cutting
Limitations in cutting aspect ratio High aspect ratio, very small kerf widths (< 30 ㎛ possible), minimising material loss,with simultaneous deep cuts possible
Heart affected zone Water-cooling process avoids thermal damage and material change, high fracture strength is maintained
Particle deposition A thin water film eliminates particle deposition and contamination, no surface protection layer required
Inefficient material removal leaves burrs The high kinetic energy of the water jet expels molten materail, no burrs form

  • Metal mask
Cost of Ownership
Speed ×
Edge quality × ×
Tool wear (abrasion) ×
Flexibility ×
Kerf width ×
Wide range of materials (SiC, GaN) ×

○ : good     △ : not good     × : bad

  • Vias in 1mm thick


Laser Biz. Inquiry – Tel : +82-2-585-9835 / e-mail :choijh@diteam.co.kr

FemtoLasers  Produktions GmbH

  • Oscillator

Source : FemtoLaser inc

  • Nano/pico -second Laser

Oscillator 7~50 4~75 150~2,600
Amplifier 30 1~10 0.8~9

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